Leopard hunting in Mozambique with this PH is just about as good as it gets for trophy cats. You’ll be hunting in the Tete province near the world famous Lake Cahora Bassa.

  • Leopard hunting in Mozambique takes place June through November.
  • Hunting is done over bait from a hide.
  • Safari can also be extended if needed.
  • There are some huge leopards in this area.
  • Leopard hunting is typically a nighttime affair, however in remote areas such as Mozambique, they often come in during daylight.
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Mozambique is home to a large population of leopards, making it an ideal destination for hunters. Leopard hunting in Mozambique is done over bait. Usually bait will be a baboons or plains game animals from one of the previous hunts, and proper pre-baiting will be done before you even arrive in camp.

The ideal situation is for you to arrive and already have the baits being hit. Trail cams are used to identify trophy leopards that are hitting the bait. We are confident that this PH will give you a great opportunity for a trophy leopard.

Leopard hunting in Mozambique with Our Premier PH

A huge leopard taken in Mozambique
A huge leopard taken by one of our hunters in Mozambique

Legal Requirements

Hunting in Mozambique is regulated by the government, and hunters must obtain a permit before embarking on a hunting expedition. Permits are issued by the National Administration of Conservation Areas (ANAC) and are only available to licensed hunting outfitters. Hunters must also have a valid hunting license and be accompanied by a licensed professional hunter.

Best Time for Hunting

The best time for leopard hunting in Mozambique is during the dry season, which runs from May to October. During this time, leopards are more active and easier to track due to the lack of foliage. However, hunting during the rainy season can also be successful, as leopards are more active during this time in search of food.


Baiting is a common method used for hunting leopards in Mozambique. This involves setting up a bait station in an area known to be frequented by leopards and waiting for the animal to appear. One of the great things about leopard hunting in Mozambique is that the pressure is so light that the cats often come in during the day.

Leopard Conservation

Leopard hunting in Mozambique is regulated by the government to ensure that the population of leopards remains healthy and sustainable. Hunting fees and permits help fund conservation efforts, including anti-poaching patrols and habitat protection. Many hunting outfitters also participate in community development projects to benefit local communities and reduce human-wildlife conflict.

Other Species Available While Leopard Hunting in Mozambique

Once you have taken your leopard, there are some species of plains game, hippos and Lake Cahora Bassa is well known for its trophy crocodiles.

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