Mozambique Crocodile Hunting

Crocodile hunting in Mozambique, draws hunters from all over the world due to the fact that it produces some of the largest bull crocodiles in all of Africa!

  • 10 day Mozambique crocodile hunting safari.
  • Guided 1-on-1, plus trackers.
  • Mozambique crocodile hunting season is March through November.
  • Typically this hunt is a combo with a hippo.
  • 100% shot opportunity.
  • Huge trophy potential.
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Mozambique crocodile hunting is your chance to hunt big mature bull hippos and crocs on the famous Lake Cahora Bassa. It’s a unique experience to hunt an actual prehistoric animal in one of the wildest places left on the planet. The crocodile is the only dangerous game animal, with the exception of the polar bear that sees you as food.

The History of Crocodile Hunting in Mozambique

Crocodile hunting has a long history in Mozambique, dating back to the colonial era when European hunters would travel to the country to hunt big game. In the 1960s and 1970s, crocodile hunting became a popular sport among locals, who would sell the hides and meat to make a living. The government also encouraged the practice, as it brought in revenue and helped control the crocodile population, which was seen as a threat to livestock and humans.

However, with the end of colonial rule and the civil war that followed, the crocodile hunting industry declined. It wasn’t until the 1990s that foreign hunters began to return to Mozambique, attracted by the country’s vast wetlands and abundance of crocodiles. Today, crocodile hunting is a thriving industry in Mozambique, with hunting concessions covering over 2 million hectares of land.

Crocodile and Hippo Hunting in Mozambique

The Mozambique Crocodile Hunting Area

Your hunting expedition will take place on an exclusive hunting reserve located in the northwestern province of Tete-Sofala, Mozambique. This area boasts one of the preeminent trophy crocodile hunting concessions in the entire continent of Africa. As per the outfitter’s account, the average length of a crocodile in this vicinity is in excess of 14 feet. However, with a little effort, it is quite possible to find trophy bull crocs measuring 15 feet or more. It is said that there are colossal, 16-foot plus beasts lurking in these parts!

The hunting grounds, comprising 200,000 hectares, are characterized by slightly mountainous terrain of the Zambezi valley variety, and feature dense opane forests. You’ll be hunting the erratic shoreline of Lake Cahora Bassa, with multiple coves and nooks branching off from the primary water body. There is more than 50 miles of shoreline to explore for a gargantuan crocodile. The region is teeming with an enormous population of crocodiles, presenting a bountiful opportunity to catch a glimpse of these elusive reptiles.

The number of fatalities caused by crocodile attacks in Mozambique is estimated to be around 1,000 annually, with over 100 of those fatalities occurring in Lake Cahora Bassa. If a giant crocodile is successfully hunted, there is a high likelihood that it has preyed on humans in addition to numerous other animals over its lifespan. What may be uncovered in the crocodile’s digestive system when it is dissected is anyone’s guess.

Crocodile hunting in Mozambique

Mozambique Crocodile Hunting on Lake Cahora Bassa

The Best Time to Go

The optimal period for hunting crocodiles in Mozambique is sometime in the window from May to July. This is because the temperature of the water in that time frame is cooler, and it happens to during the crocodiles breeding season. If you are seeking an enormous trophy specimen, the outfitter highly recommends hunting during the months of July and August. During this period, the larger males exhibit territorial tendencies and remain in specific areas.

Getting a hippo to shore
Your hunt will almost always start with shooting a hippo for bait.

Most Mozambique Crocodile Hunting Takes Place Over Bait

On a typical hunt, you will go hippo hunting first, as hippo makes very good bait for big crocs. The outfitter has pre-scouted the area prior to your arrival to find a big male, and where he is spending his time. Hopefully, he has found a good bull before you arrive and has already set up a hide on that location.

Once you have baited the area with your hippo it’s time to wait. Patience is key, you might sit for one hour or you might sit for six days waiting for the right animals to give you the right opportunity.

Hunting a trophy crocodile is a far more challenging and stimulating task than many hunters realize. Crocodiles that have experienced any hunting pressure are exceedingly shrewd, possessing keen senses of hearing, smell, and vision.

Spot and stalk crocodile hunt in Mozambique
Stalking within range of a crocodile is not only difficult but also dangerous

Stalking Crocodiles is a Heart Pounding Experience

When hunting the massive crocodiles of Mozambique, you and your outfitter will go out in motorized watercrafts to navigate the shorelines of Lake Cahora Bassa in search of these colossal reptiles. It is not a physically strenuous expedition. When a sizable crocodile is located, you’ll either set a bait, or if it looks like a good situation, quietly get out of the boat and start your stalk.

Accuracy is of utmost importance to immobilize the crocodile on land and prevent its escape into the water.

Other Hunting Opportunities in this Region of Mozambique

This concession in the Tete province near the famous Lake Cahora Bassa is ideal for big leopards, hippos and some limited plains game species.

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