Mozambique Crocodile Hunting on Lake Cahora Bassa

Mozambique crocodile hunting is your chance to hunt an actual prehistoric animal in one of the wildest places left on the planet. The only dangerous game animal, with the possible exception of the polar bear that sees you as food.

  • 10 day Mozambique hunting safari.
  • Guided 1-on-1, plus trackers.
  • Mozambique crocodile hunting season is March through November.
  • Hunt big mature bull hippos, and 13ft crocs on average on the famous Lake Cahora Bassa.
  • 100% shot opportunity.
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Mozambique crocodile hunting requires precision marksmanship, so make sure you are getting plenty of range time in as you need to hit a spot the size of an orange. But don’t worry, it doesn’t require huge calibers, a 7mm you can shoot well will do the trick.

This is usually a hunt from a hide (blind) for both the hippos and the big crocs.

The outfitter pre-scouts to find the big ones and where they are spending their time, then they will set up a hide on that location for your hunt. This concession in the Tete province near the famous Lake Cahora Bassa is ideal for big leopards, hippos, giant crocodiles and some plains game species.Typically you will hunt the hippo first, as hippo makes very good bait for big crocs. Patience is key, you might sit for one hour or you might sit for six days waiting for the right animals to give you the right opportunity. When that trophy hippo or croc shows up it is time to get your game face on.




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