A huge man eating crocodile

Man Eating Crocodile: Understanding Their Predatory Behavior

The most deadly existing reptile, the crocodile has always been on the “Man’s Worst Enemies” list. A man eating crocodile is NOT an anomaly. The African crocodile evolved over 170 million years ago as an efficient killing machine. More people are killed and eaten by crocodiles each year in Africa than by all other animals combined. Their instinct is predation, to kill any meat that floats their way.

Man-eating crocodiles have been a part of human history for centuries. Some of the most infamous cases of crocodile attacks on humans have been recorded in Southeast Asia and Africa. The Nile crocodile, which is found in parts of sub-Saharan Africa, is responsible for the most human fatalities of any crocodile species. In some areas of India and Indonesia, saltwater crocodiles have also been known to prey on humans.

HUGE Man Eating Crocodile!

BEWARE!!! Graphic Images

A hunter shot this man eating crocodile in Africa and when they were cleaning him, they found a partially digested person inside. If you have a weak stomach, beware. These photos are graphic to say the least.

A huge man eating crocodile

Causes of Crocodile Attacks on Humans

Crocodile attacks on humans can occur for several reasons, including territoriality, predatory behavior, mistaken identity, and protective behavior.


Crocodiles are territorial animals and will defend their territory from other crocodiles, as well as humans. If a human unknowingly enters a crocodile’s territory, the crocodile may view them as a threat and attack.

A Man Eating Crocodile is Just Exhibiting Natural Predatory Behavior

Crocodiles are opportunistic hunters and will prey on almost any animal that comes into their path, including humans. If a crocodile perceives a human as potential prey, it may attack and attempt to drag the human into the water. Native’s in Africa won’t eat crocodiles because they feel they are eating their relatives. That’s how many man eating crocodiles there are in Africa. To a crocodile, we’re just part of the food chain, and man eating crocodiles are fairly common. Crocodile hunters often discover bracelets, bits of jewelry and human remains in the stomach of crocodiles when they clean them.

Mistaken Identity

Crocodiles may also sometimes attack humans by mistake, especially in areas where humans and crocodiles coexist. For example, if a person is swimming in an area where crocodiles are present, they may be mistaken for a prey animal and attacked.

Protective Behavior

Crocodile mothers are fiercely protective of their young, and may attack humans who come too close to their nests. In some cases, crocodiles may also attack humans to protect their food or territory.

The Role of Human Factors in Crocodile Attacks

Human factors also play a significant role in crocodile attacks. In areas where crocodiles and humans coexist, humans may engage in risky behavior such as swimming in crocodile-infested waters or approaching crocodiles too closely. In some cases, humans may also intentionally provoke crocodiles, leading to an attack.

mozambique crocodile hunting


Are all crocodile species dangerous to humans?

No, while all crocodile species are capable of inflicting harm on humans, not all of them are man-eaters. Some species are more aggressive than others and may be more likely to attack humans.

How can I stay safe in crocodile-infested waters?

Avoid swimming in areas where crocodiles are known to be present, and never approach a crocodile or its nest. If you do encounter a crocodile, slowly and calmly move away from it without turning your back.

How are crocodile attacks on humans prevented?

By preserving crocodile habitats, establishing sanctuaries, and educating the public about crocodile behavior and safety, we can reduce the likelihood of conflicts between humans and crocodiles. Also, well managed conservation efforts by hunters where large male animals are kept in check by crocodile hunting greatly reduces human/crocodile conflicts.

Are man-eating crocodiles always killed?

Not necessarily, but that is often the best solution. In some cases, man-eating crocodiles may be relocated to areas where they are less likely to come into contact with humans. In other cases, they may be captured and kept in captivity for educational purposes.

Many of our PH’s, especially on Mozambique croc hunts target large males that have a reputation for being man eating crocodiles. Often, a hunter will shoot a trophy hippo and use part of it for bait.

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