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Forest Dwelling Antelope of Africa: A Guide to the Lesser-Known Species

Africa is well-known for its diverse and abundant wildlife. While many may be familiar with [...]

Utah Conservation Permits

The Utah Conservation Permit Program provides hunting permits to conservation organizations to be auctioned at [...]

Conservation of Leopard: How Regulated Hunting Helps Threatened Species

Legal, regulated tourist hunting of African leopard (Panthera pardus) benefits the species through mitigation of [...]

Man Eating Crocodile: Understanding Their Predatory Behavior

Man eating crocodile are so common in Africa that the native’s won’t eat them because [...]

King Salmon Fishing in Alaska

The best time of year to go to Alaska if you want to target King [...]

Missouri Issues Five Elk Tags

The five lucky hunters will be the fist to hunt Elk in well over 100 [...]

Shane Mahoney on the North American Wildlife Conservation Model

Shane Mahoney lectures on the principles of The North American Wildlife Conservation Model, which has [...]

Hunting Lions in Africa

There is a saying in Africa that you are frightened three times during a lion [...]

How Rhino Hunting is Good for the Species

Both huntable species of rhino live in Africa, the Black Rhinoceros (which are critically endangered) [...]

Hippo Hunting in Africa: How It Can Benefit Hippo Populations

Hippo hunting is an adventure! You never know exactly how it's going to go down. [...]