Rhinos are one of the most magnificent animals on earth. They are also one of the most endangered due to habitat loss, poaching, and hunting. Poaching is a significant threat to rhinos, but what about legal hunting? In this article, we will explore how legal hunting can be beneficial to rhino populations and their habitats.

Rhinos are facing extinction, and their numbers are rapidly declining. Poaching is the primary threat to rhinos, but legal hunting is often wrongly criticized as being just as damaging. However, regulated hunting can play an important role in the conservation of rhinos.

Making the Case for Rhino Hunting

Legal hunting is not the same as poaching. Poaching involves the illegal killing of animals for profit, while regulated hunting is managed and controlled by wildlife agencies. Regulated hunting is an effective tool for conservation because it helps to manage wildlife populations, controls poaching, and generates revenue for conservation efforts.

Rhinos are often considered the most placid of the Big Five species to hunt. They are often more aggressive and belligerent than ferocious. Expect to dish out some big dollars for a rhino hunt, as they are very expensive to keep alive for 15 years, which is how long it takes for a bull to develop trophy horns. Often armed guards are employed to keep poachers at bay. Thanks to conservation efforts and hunter dollars, had increased in numbers sufficiently to once again be hunted in South Africa.

To walk-and-stalk when hunting white rhino is the traditional way of going about it. Solitary bulls are common and can be stalked with some ease with a wind that consistently blows in your favor. This is a close up hunt (10 to 30 yards), so this is the perfect opportunity to bring your double rifle with open sights. We suggest a 400 caliber or larger rifle with 500 grain bullets. *Archery hunting white rhino is illegal in South Africa.

There are Two Subspecies of Rhino

Both huntable species of rhino live in Africa, the Black rhinoceros (which are critically endangered) and the White rhinoceros (registered as vulnerable).

  1. White Rhino – Thanks to conservation efforts and hunter dollars, had increased in numbers sufficiently to once again be hunted in South Africa. However, poaching has ramped up recently and they are on the decline again. We hope that the sale of rhino horn is legalized soon as we feel this is the only way to save them.
  2. Black Rhino – This species has not fared as well and is still highly protected, although every once in awhile an old problem, non-breeding bull comes up for auction. Be sure to join our newsletter so we can let you know when these come available.

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“Green” Hunting for Rhinos

Many hunters contribute to further conservation, research and recovery by doing a rhino green hunt. This is shooting a rhino with a tranquilizer dart. Once a rhino is darted on your green hunt, a vet will examine and medicate him, and take care of any other necessary data for research. Your PH will then take pictures and measurements for you taxidermist so he can recreate your trophy. There is now a place in the SCI Record Book for rhino green hunts. *darting a rhino is just as dangerous as traditional rhino hunting.

Shot Placement when Rhino Hunting

Shot Placement when Rhino HuntingPlace your shot just behind the roll of skin formed by the shoulder. This is the preferred angle for rhino hunting. They are thick skinned animals and bullet penetration can be an issue.

  • Quartering Towards – Wait for a broadside shot.
  • Quartering Away – Wait for a broadside shot.
  • Head On – Wait for a broadside shot.

How Regulated Hunting Can Benefit Rhino Populations

Rhino hunting can be beneficial for the species when done correctly. In South Africa, where the majority of rhino hunting occurs, rhino populations have actually increased significantly over the past few decades due to successful conservation efforts. Hunting helps to manage rhino populations by targeting older males who are past their breeding age and are no longer contributing to the gene pool. This selective culling can help to reduce competition among males and increase breeding opportunities for younger, healthier males.

How Hunting Revenues Can Support Conservation Efforts

Legal hunting generates revenue that can support conservation efforts. The funds generated from hunting licenses and fees are often reinvested into rhino conservation programs, anti-poaching efforts, and community development. This revenue can provide much-needed support for conservation efforts, which can help to protect rhino populations and their habitats.

A legally hunted white rhino in South Africa.
I looks bad to hunt an endangered species but regulated hunting is actually saving the rhino from extinction

Criticisms of Rhino Hunting

Despite the potential benefits of regulated hunting, some critics argue that hunting is unethical and can harm rhino populations. They argue that killing rhinos for sport goes against the principles of conservation and that hunting could lead to declines in rhino populations. However, regulated hunting has been shown to be effective in conserving wildlife populations, including rhinos.


In conclusion, regulated hunting can play an important role in the conservation of rhinos. Hunting can help to manage populations, generate revenue for conservation efforts, and control poaching. Although there are valid concerns about the ethics of hunting, when done correctly, it can benefit both the species and its habitat.

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