How Dangerous are Hippos?

how dangerous are hippos

“They are evil monsters who attack us night and day. Because of them, we haven’t been fishing. I came with another fisherman to pick up the nets I had left when the hippopotamus upended our boat. My friend got away, but it bit into my left leg, then my right. It’s the second time I’ve been attacked.” – ALI FALL (Hippo attack victim)

A lot of people ask, “how dangerous are hippos really?”. The answer is simple. Hippos are VERY dangerous and kill a lot of people in Africa…possibly more than any other animal except maybe the crocodile.

Hippos are among the most aggressive animals on the planet, killing many people in Africa yearly.

‘Hippopotamus’ is an ancient Greek word that means ‘river horse‘, but trying to ride one would be ill advised. Related to whales, hippos spend the day in lakes and rivers, unlike all other large land mammals such as elephants and rhinos. They only require deep enough water for them to completely submerge and a good supply of grass. Hippos will leave the water at dusk to graze, and sometimes travel up to six miles in a night.

They can be very territorial and aggressive, sometimes attacking boats, capsizing them and killing the passengers. When they are at their most dangerous however, is at night when they are out of the water.

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