Hunting in Hawaii Big Island

When hunting in Hawaii on the Big Island, you’ll find two feral goat species, the Spanish goat and Hawaiian ibex as well as mouflon. The island of Hawaii is also host to the Black Hawaiian sheep, which are some rugged animals living on the slopes of Mauna Kea and Mauna Loa volcanoes in the most beautiful forests you can imagine.

Perks of hunting on the Big Island

  • Year round hunting seasons for feral goats, mouflon, black Hawaiian sheep, hogs, and Vancouver bulls.
  • Flying into the Kona Airport is easy.

  • No tags required for exotics.

  • Lodging is reasonable.

  • Car rentals can be easily obtained.

  • Tons of public land.

  • It doesn’t feel touristy.

  • For those wanting to hone in their spot and stalk abilities, this is the place for you.
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Mouflon Sheep Hunting in Hawaii on the Big Island

The Big Island is home to a herd of free ranging, purebred mouflon sheep, and they are highly sought after game animals, second only to axis deer. They live in the high elevation, rough lava flows on the slope of the Mauna Loa volcano. Other sheep species on the island include Black Hawaiian sheep, which live in the high forests of the Big Island.

Vancouver Bull Hunts

Hawaii is also where you can hunt one of the only dangerous game animals that Hawaii has to offer, the Vancouver bull. Similar to the scrub bulls in Australia, these bulls  are like the Hawaiian version of the American bison. They are wild, and known to be aggressive. They were brought to Hawaii in 1778 as a gift to King Kamehameha from Captain George Vancouver, and have been living in the dense rainforest of Mauna Loa ever since. Wounded bulls have been known to charge hunters, and you guides will be armed to back you up on this hunt.

Spanish Goats

If you like hunting rough terrain in beautiful country, you’re going to love hunting goats! They live in the most beautiful, and remote areas of the Big Island. Typically, you’ll chase goats early in the morning when they are active.




Exotics, Mouflon Sheep, Scrub Bull, Spanish Goats, Wild Hogs


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