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This is the best mouflon hunt in the world, hands down. Mouflon sheep hunting in Croatia is a real mountain sheep hunt, not a Texas high fence hunt for released rams. You will work for your trophy by hiking through rugged sub-Mediterranean scrub brush along the Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic sea.

  • Free range, fair chase, spot and stalk sheep hunt (3 day hunt is recommended).
  • Mouflon sheep can be hunted year-round, but the best time to hunt them is September through early December.
  • Excellent trophy quality. Representative, Bronze, Silver and Gold SCI rams are available.
  • Over 95% success with a 100% opportunity rate.
  • Combo with Balkan chamois.
  • This outfitter also offers hunts for Eurasian brown bear; Balkan chamois; red stag; roe deer; Dalmation wild sheep; feral sheep and wild boar.
Croatia Mouflon Sheep Hunt
Mouflon Sheep Hunting in Croatia