• Free range, fair chase, three day hunt.
  • Chamois season is October 1 through January. They rut in November.
  • Excellent trophy quality. Representative, Bronze, Silver and Gold rams are available.
  • This is a spot and stalk hunt with over 95% success with a 100% opportunity rate.
  • You can combo this hunt with mouflon sheep. This is a VERY affordable, real sheep hunt. Mouflons on this hunt are even more affordable than an aoudad hunt.
  • Guiding is 1:1, they are very professional game managers and very knowledgeable hunters.
  • This outfitter also offers hunts for Eurasian brown bear; red stag; roe deer; Dalmatian wild sheep; feral sheep and wild boar.
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This is a real mountain style hunt for native game in their natural habitat. You will work for your chamois by hiking up and down rugged sub-Mediterranean scrub brush along the Dalmatian coast of the Adriatic sea. This is a VERY affordable, real mountain hunt.

Chamois hunting Croatia is one of the best wild, native spot-and-stalk, mountain hunts in the world!

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