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  • Free range, fair chase fallow deer and/or Dalmation wild sheep (SCI).
  • The trophy quality on this hunt is excellent to good. Bronze-Gold medal fallow bucks are possible using the International Council for Game and Wildlife Conservation (CIC) rating system. There is no limit on trophy size.
  • You are allowed one management buck or a few does along with your trophy fallow buck.
  • Free wild boar!
  • Success rates are over 90%, and opportunity is 100%.
  • Archery friendly hunt.
  • The rut is late September to mid October.
  • You can either hunt by spot-and-stalk, or from a blind.
  • Guides speak perfect English.
  • If you are in fairly good shape, you won’t have a problem hunting in Croatia.
  • You will stay in a lodge that was built in 1577! It is clean and comfortable. You will eat local food, beer and wine.
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This is a free range Croatia fallow deer hunt on the 2,500 acre private Mediterranean Island of Plavnik. Fallow deer were successfully introduced to this beautiful Island around the year 2000. They are the only large game animal on the island, and have flourished. Also found on the island are rabbits, rock partridge and Dalmatian wild sheep.  Only accessible by boat, he island is located between Krk and Cres and has a total area of 1000 hectares.

The coastal limestone ridges (karst) are covered with oak, Holm oak, and juniper. There is a house where shepherds used to live where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean views, or view the ruins of a small church, and frequent sightings of griffon vultures! Hunting will be spot-and-stalk, or from high hunting stands.

More Big Game is Available on Mainland Croatia

Besides the fallow deer, Dalmatian wild sheep, feral goats and wild boars on the Island of Plavnik, there are several species to hunt on the mainland coast including; Eurasian Brown Bear; Balkan Chamois; red stag; mouflon sheep; roe buck; and wild boar. It is an easy boat ride from the island, so a combo hunt is very doable.

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  1. Tyler Anderson

    This fallow deer hunt was definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I could not of asked for a better time, weather conditions, or hospitality from the guide or the outfitting service.

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