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  • Axis deer hunting in Hawaii is absolutely one of the most exciting hunts out there.
  • Molokai has a population of around 30,000 axis deer.
  • You can choose to hunt them in the flat plain areas, or in the mountains.
  • You can choose to hunt spot-and-stalk, or from a tree stand.
  • Another exotic game we have on Molokai are the blackbuck antelope (upon availability).
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These beautiful deer are completely free ranging, and are incredibly “switched on”. They’re like hunting whitetail deer on crack! Axis deer hunts have been described as a triple threat; they can see from far, they can smell from far, and because their numbers are so high they have eyes everywhere. Don’t worry though, when you’re axis deer hunting in Hawaii, you’ll be hunting with guides have been hunting these axis deer their whole lives and are experts at the game!

Your guides have hunted the islands all of their lives.

This makes them especially good at tracking and finding these animals. The believe strongly in the idea of “Ohona” or Family! The treat you like family the minute you talk with them to the moment you leave. Guiding for this hunt does vary as the accommodate large groups and individuals. If you would like to bring family this is a great hunt to do that on. Your guide will take care of your animal and will help get your trophy ready to be shipped as well.

If you have ever wanted to go axis deer hunting in Hawaii, then this is your hunt! Contact us for details.

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2 reviews for Axis Deer Hunting in Hawaii

  1. Chris Artt

    My axis deer hunt in Hawaii was awesome! It’s definitely something that can be done on a family vacation if you have a couple extra days.

  2. Adam Urbano

    Awesome hunt!
    Guides were great. Everyone was on time and did what they said they were going to to do. I would highly recommend this axis deer hunt in Hawaii.

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