Hog Hunting Hawaii

Hog hunting Hawaii is a tradition that has been passed down for generations. Get a chance to see the beauty of Hawaii, off the beaten path, and boar hunt Hawaii.

  • Hunt on private land.
  • Boars and sows can be hunted using archery, or rifle.No tags required.
  • Hunting is usually done from a tree stand, ground blind, or spot and stalk.
  • Boars hunting usually takes place in the late evening or early morning.
  • Trophy hogs can weigh 200+ pounds, with two to five inch tusks. ​
  • Combo with exotics hunting.
  • Traditional hog hunting with dogs in Hawaii is available upon request.
  • A boar hunt in Hawaii while you’re on vacation is a great add-on to your Hawaiian vacation.
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Wild boar hunting in Hawaii is a classic adventure! When you hog hunt Hawaii, you’re experiencing a culture that is thousands of years old. These hogs were brought to the Hawaiian Islands by the early Polynesians thousands of years ago, and have earned their place in history.

In the late 1700’s, the pua’a (pig) was brought to Hawaii by Captain James Cook, as a source of protein on their journey. Through the years, these Polynesian wild boars have prospered on the Islands, causing extreme damage to Hawaii’s rainforest ecosystem. Hog hunting Hawaii is the only thing keeping the wild boar populations in check.

hog hunting with dogs in hawaii

Hog Hunting with Dogs in Hawaii

Most hunters choose to hunt with their bow or a rifle, but traditionally, wild boar hunting in Hawaii is done by using dogs and a knife or spear…dogs and knives. The dogs will chase the pig, until it “bays up.” You’ll listen for the barking and try to keep up. Once you find the source of the ruckus, you’ll finish off the hog with a large knife. Hog hunting with dogs in Hawaii is a rush that isn’t for everybody, but if you feel you’re up for it, let us know.




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