• While you’re hunting the tropical mountaintops of the Big Island of your family, your family can be relaxing on the beach.
  • Fall hunting season runs November through January.
  • Spring goes March through April 15.
  • Great success rates for archery and traditional shotgun hunters.
  • You’ll be hunting Rio Grande wild turkeys.
  • Hunt private ranches on the Big Island. The Big Island of Hawaii has some great Rio Grande wild turkey hunting in some spectacular country.
  • Combo with Hawaii exotics.
  • Oh….leave the crow and owl locator home, because they don’t live in Hawaii.
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A Hawaii turkey with our outfitter on the Big Island gives you exclusive access to some of the best private ranches in Hawaii. All of the guides have years of turkey hunting experience, and they do plenty of scouting before you show up. Odds are that you’ll be setting up on a big roosted gobblers on the first morning. After you’re done for the morning, you can go after feral goats, mouflon sheep, black Hawaiian sheep, hogs, and even Vancouver bulls.

If you’re interested in going on a Hawaii turkey hunt on the Big Island, contact us.

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