A bushpig is needed to complete the ham slam.

The Swine Slam: Hunting the Pigs and Peccaries of the World

Some hunters go on a quest affectionately called the “Swine Slam,” but actually taking one each of all the wild pigs and peccaries of the world ranges from difficult to just plain impossible. The most common species of wild pig in the Swine Slam is the feral hog. Hog hunting is very popular in the U.S., with feral hogs rapidly blowing up their range and their numbers, which creates some spectacular hunting opportunities. Wild hogs have been common in some states for decades, and long ago surpassed mule deer as the most popular big game animal in California, and everybody knows they’re a problem in Texas. If they’re not in your state yet, hold on…they’ll be there.

The Swine Slam

Eurasian Wild Boar
Here’s a big Eurasian wild boar taken by one of our hunters with our outfitter in Croatia.

Eurasian Wild Boar

You can find them here and there in the states, but if you want to go Eurasian wild boar hunting, for pure strain pigs…well, you’re going to need to go to Europe. They are similar to our feral hogs, but hairier and a little meaner looking. Hog hunting in the traditional European manner, especially a driven hunt, is an experience all hunters. should have at least once. It’s a really good way to start your Swine Slam.

The Morocco driven Boar hunt is a wonderful North African hunting experience for a species not often taken.
A Barbary wild boar hunt in Morocco is a wonderful North African hunting experience for a species not often taken.

Barbary Wild Boar

This wild pig looks much like the European wild boar, but way back in the day they were separated by the Mediterranean Sea. You can hunt this native wild swine in Morocco and Tunisia. It’s an inexpensive driven hunt that you should seriously consider then next time you’re in that neck of the woods.

Dason Lasater's dad with a giant Bushpig.
An absolutely stunning Bush Pig one of our hunters took in South Africa.

Bush Pig

If you’ve been to southern Africa, you’ve at least heard of the bush pig. The locals love to hunt them, and once you’ve tried it, you will too. These mostly nocturnal species of swine will give you a leopard-esque hunt at a much smaller hit to your wallet. This wild hog is slightly smaller than the pigs in Europe and the United States, but hairy and cooler looking.

During the day, they bed down in the thick stuff, and you can walk and stalk them there, but that’s not really how you should hunt bushpigs (although it’s fun, and if you get an opportunity, by all means do it!). How you typically hunt them is by baiting them with some scraps from your plains game hunt, and once the bait starts getting hit, set up a blind. It is very important to have the wind right, because a big boar is extremely wary and will not come in if he senses something is up. If you get lucky and one comes in, move slowly and make a good shot. It will be one of your most memorable trophies.

The giant forest hog and red river hog are prized trophies to be found in the central African rain forest regions.
Giant forest hogs are prized trophies to be found in the central African rainforest regions.

Giant Forest Hog

This wild pig is one of the most prized trophies in the central African rainforests. They can be hunting in Cameroon and the highlands of Ethiopia. Typically, a giant forest hog is second on a hunter’s list in terms of priority after a bongo in Cameroon, or a mountain nyala hunt in Ethiopia. They are hunted incidentally, or by walk and stalk. They’re very noisy animals, making locating them easier.

There are in fact 3 subspecies of Giant Forest Hog – Hylochoerus meinertzhageni ivorensis, which occurs in isolated populations from Guinea to southern Ghana; Hylochoerus meinertzhageni rimator which ranges from south-east Nigeria to eastern Congo; and Hylochoerus meinertzhageni meinertzhageni, which occurs as scattered populations from eastern Congo to the Kenyan Rift Valley and Ethiopia.

Red River Hog is needed for your Ham Slam.
Red River Hogs are often referred to as ‘Bushpig’ but should not be confused with the Bushpig species of Southern and East Africa. Their colours are spectacularly different and they are mostly encountered in the rainforests of the Congo Basin.

Red River Hogs are possibly the most difficult species in the Swine Slam.

The red river hog is found in the forests of Cameroon, CAR, Congo, Liberia and Uganda. These nocturnal creatures are a striking, reddish colored wild hog with long ears ending in white tufts. Hunting them will take you to the thickest cover, making success very difficult. Where legal, you can hunt them at night with a spotlight, and they will respond to calling. They are one of the most difficult species in the Swine Slam.

Red River Hog hunts are normally combined with a few other specialist species, like Bongo, Forest Sitatunga, Dwarf Buffalo and a number of Forest Duikers. In Cameroon numerous outfitters offer 7-15 day safaris that include these hogs.

OI client Dason Lasiter with a nice archery warthog taken with our premier South African outfitter.


Almost every hunter who goes on an Africa safari wants to hunt warthogs. They’re common, they’re affordable, and they’re fun! They are almost always included on a plains game package along with impala, kudu, wildebeest, zebra, etc. Mostly you will hunt them incidentally while you’re hunting other game and making a stalk. However, they will come into a waterhole or feed.

Javelina make for a great hunting trip for kids
Javelina make for a great hunting trip for kids and adults alike! Tons of fun.

Peccaries  (Javelina)

Javelina, also known as peccary or collared peccary, are weird little critters, and if you’ve never been hunting for them, you should! Especially if you’re an archery hunter. Even though they look, and act like a wild boar, they definitely are not. Surprisingly, they are more closely related to rodents than to pigs.

In most states they’re considered a game animal, so be sure to check regulations. Javelina hunting is a year-round affair in some parts of Texas, but Arizona requires you to draw a tag. A great combo hunt opportunity is a Spring hog/wild turkey hunt in Texas.

Javelina are fun to hunt with a bow, and make a great first hunt for a new hunter since they are fairly easy to stalk. Their eyesight is poor, and they are always busy. They can be baited, but spot-and-stalk is tons of fun! Another fun javelina hunting method is to call them in. They come into a simple predator call, and you can even purchase special javelina distress calls.

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