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Texas Hunt Report by Chris Hoellwarth

Hunter: Chris Hoellwarth Date: 11-13 March Trip Taken: Javelina / Pig Hunt in Texas Consultant: [...]

Texas Javelina

If you like to hunt with a bow, you have to do this trip..lots of [...]

The Swine Slam: Hunting the Pigs and Peccaries of the World

Hog hunting has become very popular in the United States as their populations are out of control, [...]

Learn to Call Coyotes – A guide to predator calling.

Predator hunting during the off-season is great fun and no other type of hunting quite [...]

Javelina Hunting… Harder Than Expected

While I was going to college in Tempe, Arizona, I applied for every hunt that [...]

South Texas Rattlesnake Hunting…a Bouquet of Fear

By the time the hunt was over, we ended up with a bunch of big [...]

South Texas Deer Hunting with the Outdoors International Team

While a lot of us were still recovering from the holiday hustle and bustle Cory [...]