A Texas hog hunt is inexpensive but can be a really fun time. You’ll almost always be hunting over feeders,  over water, or in farm fields.  The number of hogs you can take is limited only by opportunity and how well you can shoot.

  • Our outfitters in Texas have high populations of wild boars on their ranches.
  • You’ll be hunting hogs over feeders. If you want to hunt at night, you’ll be using thermal and infrared scopes.
  • This hunt can be Semi-Guided, or Fully Guided.
  • High success rates on a Texas hog hunt are the norm, but not guaranteed. Sometimes wild boars go nocturnal. but luckily you can hunt at night in Texas.
  • We highly suggest that you combo your Texas hog hunt with javelina, predators, wild turkeys (in the spring), exotics, and/or whitetail deer.
  • This is a totally customizable hunt. We can set up a do it yourself hunt that includes lodging, OR put together an all inclusive hunt with five star accommodations.
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You will hunt hogs over feeders with lights, or spotlights were possible, and with thermal and infrared scopes. What makes this Texas hog hunt different from all the rest is the outfitter makes sure that you are set up way ahead of time, with the blinds and feeders that draw the hogs. If you’re really down for some fun, you should consider our heli-hog hunt.

Combo Your Texas Hog Hunt with Predator Hunting

Hog and predator hunting are both becoming more and more popular, and Texas has the best of both. Both a Texas hog hunt as well as predator hunting can be done year round, but as we hit the summer months we do the bulk of our hunting at night. We tend to sleep in the mornings and hunt the evenings, all night, and into the early parts of the morning.

Texas is crawling with coyotes, foxes and bobcats. The thick brush is perfect habitat for both predators and prey, and there are plenty of both. When predator hunting, you can expect to do lots of calling with both mouth calls and electronic calls.  These are some of the smartest animals we hunt and if you are up for a challenge, then this one’s for you. You are not limited to how many predators you can shoot, however, bobcats do have an added trophy fee.

In the Spring Make it a Hog/Turkey Combo

Spring is time to hunt Rio Grande wild turkeys in Texas, so why not throw one into your hog hunt. Our Texas wild turkey hunts are usually for two birds (Rio Grande), and you can also shoot some pigs too…and you can expect to run across lots of those.  These two bird hunts include meals, lodging and the hunt, and the outfitter spends lots of time feeding, scouting and running trail cameras on the ranches so you can be assured you’ll find some birds while you’re hunting turkeys in Texas.

DIY Texas Hog Hunt

If you choose to go the unguided, DIY route, a guide will drive you around the ranch before your hunt beings. Landmarks, such as creek beds and/or fences will be pointed out to define your borders.This can be fully guided, or an unguided turkey hunt.

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