Predator Calling

Predator Calling

As winter sets in and you are sitting in the house, don’t succumb to the boredom of the season.  Grab your rifle and get out and do some predator calling!  Coyote calling has become one of the fastest growing segments in the hunting world and you can get out and do it for very little money.

Predator Calling

No matter where you live, odds are you there are coyotes, foxes, bobcats or wolves to hunt…did you know that javelinas will come in to a predator call?

  • Chances are you have a small caliber rifle that needs some action….I prefer a 22-250 but any good high speed small caliber will do the trick.
  • The call market is flooded with all kinds of electronic gadgetry and those calls are awesome.  I recommend some of the Foxpro options. They offer top quality sounds, excellent calls, as well as great customer service.  If you want to spend some extra cash it will shorten up the learning curve for perfecting distress and vocalization sounds. However, for $20 bucks or less get your hands on a good closed reed hand call and go out and have fun calling in some fur.  There is something more rewarding in calling them in with a mouth blown call.
  • The benefit of predator management of your big game hunting area are why some guys do it, but I do it because it is fun!
  • There is nothing like tricking a bunch of coyotes into gun range to get the blood pumping. You don’t need to be fancy with your calls….you just need to get out do it!

How to Call Coyotes by Clay Owens

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