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Asia 8 SCI Continental Award

Required 8 species taken from their native habitat. Rifle & Bow requirements are the same. 

Our 10 Most Popular Hunting Destinations

Every year hunters from all over the world are drawn to our top 10 most [...]

Super Slam of North American Big Game

To qualify for the Super Slam of North American Big Game®, a hunter must have [...]

Non Resident Hunting in Alberta, Canada

Alberta is a hunter friendly province with lots of opportunities for non-residents. Here is a [...]

Learn to Call Coyotes – A guide to predator calling.

Predator hunting during the off-season is great fun and no other type of hunting quite [...]

Idaho Elk Hunt Report by Ron Hicks

The outfitter is extremely knowledgeable of the hunting area and able/willing to adapt to changing [...]

Late Season Idaho Rifle Elk/Deer Combo Hunt Report by Kyle Hanson

I would consider this trip a success in every single way besides harvesting an animal. [...]

Wolf Hunting in Idaho

To be successful on an Idaho wolf hunt...or a wolf hunt anywhere is daunting task, [...]

Outdoors International Podcast: How to Hunt Wolves with Brent Martell

A guide to wolf hunting, including calling methods, and choosing good areas to hunt.

HUNT REPORT: Arctic Grizzly Bear, Caribou Combo | Kyle Hawkins

Russ Meyer and his client Kyle Hawkins archery hunt for Arctic grizzly bear and caribou [...]