Central Idaho holds A LOT of wolves and our outfitters spend their scouting tracks, talking to local ranchers, howling at night and by the use of trail cameras. But, be warned…Successful wolf hunting in Idaho, or a wolf hunt anywhere for that matter is daunting task. In Idaho, the most popular way to hunt wolves is on the winter range by spot and stalk, predator calling and howling.

Wolf Hunting in Idaho

  • Central Idaho has a solid population of wolves.
  • Hunt the elk and mule deer winter ground, where glassing and spot and stalk is possible.
  • We consider any wolf to be a trophy, but there are a lot of big old wolves running around Idaho. The chance at a “good” one is high.
  • Idaho has good numbers of black wolves.
  • Wolf hunting season in Idaho is September through March.
  • You can trap wolves in Idaho.

Wolf Hunts offered by Outdoors International

Winter Wolf Hunts in Idaho

When hunting wolves in the winter, you will be howling, predator calling, and glassing wintering elk. There will always be multiple options of where to go each day. You should see a lot of game on these hunts because you will be hunting the wintering grounds for elk and mule deer.

Fall Wolf Hunts

Our wilderness outfitter thinks that early September is is the best time of year as the wolves are responding to calls. You will cover country on horseback and foot howling for wolves. This is a fun hunt with good weather, and you can also experience some world class fly fishing for native cutthroat trout, bull trout, and steelhead. Another great thing about this hunt is that you can also hunt black bears. Early September is an excellent time to call wolves in and the weather is typically nice enough to travel and camp comfortably in wolf country.

Trapline Option

On one of our Idaho wolf hunts, when your not out hunting, the outfitter and his crew can show you trapping techniques on how to catch different critters, like they did back in the days of Mountain Men who roamed these peaks and valleys before the settlers came. Run traps for wolves bobcat, fox, coyotes, marten etc., and you get to keep the hides that you catch with no trophy fees. This is a great option to add to your wolf hunt.

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