Asian 8 Award

Asia 8 SCI Continental Award

Asia 8 SCI Continental Award

The Asia 8 requires eight species taken from their native habitat.

See Recipients of the Asia 8 SCI Continental Award.

❏ Eurasian lynx
❏ Eurasian brown bear
❏ Siberian brown bear
❏ Kamchatka brown bear
❏ Amur brown bear
❏ Mideastern brown bear
Gray wolf
❏ Asian striped hyena
❏ Wolverine
❏ Feral yak
Water buffalo
❏ Nilgai or blue bull
❏ Four-horned antelope (or chousingha)
❏ Indian gazelle or chinkara
❏ Kennion gazelle or jabir
❏ Persian goitered gazelle
❏ Hillier goitered gazelle
❏ Mongolian gazelle
❏ Tibetan gazelle (or Goa)
❏ Przewalski gazelle
❏ Yarkand goitered gazelle
Blackbuck (or Indian antelope)
❏ Russian saiga
❏ Mishmi takin
❏ Sichuan takin
❏ Golden takin
Anatolian chamois
❏ Caucasian chamois
❏ Himalayan tahr
❏ Bezoar ibex
❏ Persian ibex
❏ Hybrid ibex
❏ Sindh ibex
Nubian ibex
❏ Mid-Asian ibex

❏ Tian Shan argali
❏ Severtzov argali
❏ Kamchatka snow sheep
❏ Putorana snow sheep
❏ Koryak snow sheep
❏ Okhotsk snow sheep
❏ Kolyma snow sheep
❏ Yakutia snow sheep
❏ Mid Eastern red deer (or maral)
❏ Gansu deer
Tian Shan wapiti
❏ Altai wapiti
❏ Alashan wapiti
❏ Manchurian wapiti (or maral)
❏ White-lipped deer (or thoroid)
Manchurian sika deer
Indian sambar
❏ Indo-Chinese sambar
❏ Himalayan ibex
❏ Siberian ibex
❏ Gobi ibex
❏ West Caucasian tur
❏ Mid-Caucasian tur
❏ East Caucasian tur
Astor markhor
❏ Bukharan markhor
❏ Kashmir markhor
❏ Kabul markhor
❏ Sulaiman markhor
❏ Himalayan blue sheep
❏ Chinese blue sheep
❏ Dwarf blue sheep
❏ Konya mouflon
❏ Armenian mouflon
❏ Esfahan mouflon

❏ Laristan mouflon
❏ Shiraz Mouflon
❏ Red sheep
❏ Kerman sheep
❏ Transcaspian urial
❏ Afghan urial
❏ Blandford urial
❏ Punjab urial
❏ Altai argali
❏ Hangai argali
❏ Gobi argali
❏ Marco Polo argali
❏ Karaganda argali
❏ Sair argali
❏ Littledale argali
❏ Gansu argali
❏ Kuruktag argali
❏ Tibetan argali
❏ Philippine sambar
❏ Axis deer (or chital)
❏ Indian hog deer (or para)
❏ European roe deer
❏ Siberian roe deer
❏ Chinese roe deer
❏ Philippine brown deer
❏ Mouse deer
European moose
❏ Yakutia moose
❏ Chukotka moose
❏ Amur moose
❏ Reindeer
❏ Indian muntjac
Reeves Muntjac
Eurasian wild boar
❏ Bearded pig

*Rifle & Bow requirements are the same.

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