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Tahr Hunting

Himalayan Tahr, as the name suggests, is the native of the Himalayas. It is endangered across most of its original range, where hunting is strictly limited. However, there are a few legal options to hunt Himalayan Tahr in countries like New Zealand, Nepal, Macedonia and Argentina.

This is a true mountain hunt comparable to sheep, mountain goat hunts in North America or ibex hunting in Asia. Contour varies from river flats to steep hills, snow and ice covered mountains up to 12,000 feet. Vegetation is grassland, tussock and pockets of native bush. Your trophy will be truly earned and mean that much more.

New Zealand is the prime destination for Himalayan Tahr hunting.

Fortunately for the species (and mountain hunters), a healthy free-ranging population exist in New Zealand. These beautiful alpine animals are typically hunted on foot in a traditional spot and stalk manner, and are almost always free range.

    • New Zealand hunting season is April through July, but the best time is during the rut in May and June.
    • High trophy quality. The focus is on mature bulls.
    • High success rate. Rifle hunts run 100% opportunity.
    • You can make your hunt a combo by adding a chamois.

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