Asian 8 Award

Asia 8 SCI Continental Award

Required 8 species taken from their native habitat. Rifle & Bow requirements are the same. 

Javelina make for a great hunting trip for kids

Texas Hunt Report by Chris Hoellwarth

Hunter: Chris Hoellwarth Date: 11-13 March Trip Taken: Javelina / Pig Hunt in Texas Consultant: Julian Salutregui | Outdoors International Guide, facilities and number of animals were great. I had a friend who had to back out prior, I talked my wife into going and she really didn’t want to. She liked it so much […]

Ed Johnson with his wild boar

Hawaii Hog Hunt Report by Ed Johnson

Hunter: Ed Johnson Date: April 19, 2022 Trip Taken: Wild Boar Hunting in Maui Outdoors International Hunting Consultant: Blake Taylor Went on an afternoon hog hunt in Maui. Had been vacationing for a couple weeks touring Hawaiian Islands. Had a heavy rain shower just as we got to the hunting spot. After the rain let […]

This was a hunt of a lifetime for me and I would highly recommend this outfitter.

Argentina Red Stag Hunt Report by Russ Hayden

Hunter: Russ Hayden Date: March 18-25, 2022 Trip Taken: Red Stag / Wild Boar Hunt in Argentina Consultant: Kyle Hanson | Outdoors International This was my first guided hunt I have ever been on. So I don’t have anything to compare it to. With that being said, I had a great time and a successful […]

A bushpig is needed to complete the ham slam.

The Swine Slam: Hunting the Pigs and Peccaries of the World

Hog hunting has become very popular in the United States as their populations are out of control, especially in places like Texas, the Southern United States and Hawaii. We even have some heli-hog hunts for those of you with an adventurous nature…But the wild pigs and peccaries of the world are much more fascinating.