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Texas Heli-Hog Hunt Report by Kevin Hansen

The hunt was fantastic. Excellent pilot, top of the line weapons’, and very informative outfitter. [...]

Bezoar Ibex Hunt Report by Joseph Russo

This was my second hunt that I’ve booked with Outdoors International, and it was an [...]

Hunting in Hawaii

Have your Tropical Island Vacation and Hunt all the Exotic Species the Islands have to [...]

Outdoors International Podcast: Tips for Planning an African Safari

Whether it's your first trip to Africa, or you've been on Safari before, there are [...]

OI DRAW WINNER: Dason Lasater

This is my first guided hunt, but Botes was amazing. He was able to keep [...]

Hawaii Exotic Hunt Report by Jeff Fredrickson

During the hunt we encountered mouflon sheep, hogs, turkey and also some Vancouver bulls!

Jared Griffith, Scimitar Oryx Hunt Report

It was a great hunt and an awesome chance to bow hunt with the legend [...]

South Texas Deer Hunting with the Outdoors International Team

While a lot of us were still recovering from the holiday hustle and bustle Cory [...]