Episode #13 – Five Tips for Planning an African Safari


In this podcast, we talk with an Africa PH about all the things a hunter should consider when planning an African safari. We talk about politics, money and the funny quirks of hunting alongside an Afrikaans PH. This is an episode you just have to listen to if you are interested in hunting in Africa (and you should be).

*If you are thinking about taking your family on Safari, listen to this podcast.

  1. Airport pickup – A good PH (Professional Hunter) will be there to meet you the moment you clear customs and be with you until you go back through customs. If not, find a different PH.
  2. Clothing – Remember, their seasons our opposite of North America. If you are hunting from April – October, it is their Fall/Winter, so plan on bringing the same type of clothing and gear on your safari that you would use if hunting elk or deer in mid September and early October.
  3. Practice shooting offhand – Rifle hunters need to be prepared to shoot well off hand, know where the vitals are on Africa game, and bring enough gun.
  4. Archery Hunters – In most instances you will be hunting from blinds, so practice accordingly. Shooting from a blind is different.
  5. Equipment – The equipment you take should be similar to what you would use for elk as it will work well on most plains game species. *Exceptions would be Cape buffalo, eland and giraffe.
  6. The vitals are different – Study the vital charts on African animals you plan on hunting as their vitals tend to be pushed forward compared to North American animals.
  7. Here are some more tips for US hunters traveling to Africa.

Kruger National Park

Planning an African Safari

Notes from this podcast:

  • Air 2000 – Hunter Support
  • Bulls Eye Taxidermy in South Africa
  • TED Talks – Lion Hunting in Africa
  • Browse our African Plains Game Safaris
  • Interested in hunting the Big 5?
  • Photo safaris in Africa.
  • Talk to a hunting consultant about setting up a safari.
  • Watch Africa hunting videos on our YouTube channel.
  • Learn how to hunt in Africa on a budget.
  • South African infrastructure is very modern since the Olympics in Johannesburg in 2010.
  • How to bring your firearms or archery gear to South Africa, the process and forms you need to fill out.
  • Flying to Johannesburg, South Africa. How to pack. Preferred routes and prices.
  • South Africa is a very friendly country.
  • Africans speak many different languages.
  • 4 to 5 star accommodations are standard in Africa.
  • Discussing the effort that our PH put in on his leopard hunt. Our PH will work hard for you on your Safari.
  • The drive from the airport to the hunting concession.
  • Discussing “the fence”, what it is for, how big the area is, and how it is a non-issue for hunters.
  • There are big, trophy kudu bulls dying of old age on our hunting concession. There are many bulls that have never even seen before by the PH.
  • Declaring your gear at customs.
  • Air 2000 Hunter Support will help you through the process at the airport. Their service is highly recommended by our PH.
  • Good items to bring to give as tips to the staff.
  • The gear you should bring on your safari.
  • Recommended rifle for plains game hunting.
  • Caliber to bring for the “Tiny 10“. (or rent a rifle while you are there)
  • Conversion rates and how prices in South Africa are very high.
  • Can you leave your expensive items as a tip? Is it legal? Is it preferred over cash?
  • Our PH tells a story about why you should bring your own weapons as opposed to using your PH’s rifle.
  • Cecil the lion and the long lasting impacts of that situation.
  • We think a kudu is the “must have” animal when you come to Africa.
  • Why Africans hate baboons so much.
  • Spanish hunters love to hunt warthogs and Americans love to hunt baboons.
  • Male Bush Babies have HUGE testicles.
  • The size of the hunting concessions.
  • How many leopards are living in these hunting areas may surprise you.
  • The Limpopo province of South Africa.
  • Put a value on an animal and landowners will protect them.
  • Discussion on dangerous game hunting safaris.
  • Malaria is a non-issue in South Africa. If you do want to take the meds for it, our PH prefers the once-a-week tablet.
  • How much does plains game hunting in Africa costs, and the perimeter activities that non-hunting friends and family can do while you are hunting, or that you can do as a family.
  • How to get your trophies back home.

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