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Elk Hunting

Elk hunting is so much more than just meat in the freezer and antlers on the wall. It’s about the experience, the friendship, the challenge, the animals, the land, the despair…. and the excitement when it all comes together.

Hunters usually picture calling to bulls during the rut, but there are so many different options.

We completely agree that every hunter should experience a bull screaming his way into a call at least once…There aren’t many things that compare to being in the woods during the elk rut. But there are so many options depending on your personal goals and budget.

Available Options:

    • September archery hunts
    • Rut rifle hunts
    • Traditional wilderness hunts from horseback
    • Private land hunts
    • High trophy quality or non-trophy meat hunts
    • Outfitter allocated, limited entry hunts or over-the-counter tags
    • Landowner Tags and Hunting Vouchers
    • DIY drop camps

There are three hunt-able sub-species of elk in North America classified by the Boone and Crockett club: The American; Roosevelt; and Tule elk. We offer great hunts for each of them.

These amazing game animals have been gradually reclaiming their historical habitat across North America. Their current range extends from Arizona and New Mexico to Idaho and Montana, and the Canadian provinces of BC and Alberta. You can also find them in New Zealand, or their next of kin, the Siberian Wapiti, in Russia and Kazakhstan.

If you’re like most hunters and dream of elk hunting, let Outdoors International get you out there to experience it for yourself!

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