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  • Great option for corporate groups.
  • Both rifle and archery elk hunts (archery guides are experienced bowhunters).
  • When hunting elk from this Wyoming hunting lodge you can combo with mule deer.
  • All hunts are on private ranches, totaling nearly 1 million acres.
  • Success rates are an incredible 90%+ for rifle hunts, and 60%+ for archery hunts.
  • Mule deer average 160-180 inches, with a buck or two over 200″ taken yearly.
  • Elk average 260-310 inches.
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Hunting from this Wyoming hunting lodge is a dream for many…and this hunt is one for the books. This beautiful 5-star lodge offers OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL clients some incredible Wyoming mule deer hunting on private ground. And you can even combo with elk. It’s one of our favorite hunts to book our hunters on, it can be incredible, especially on private ground.

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The Hunting Lodge

The beautiful hunting lodge sits in the middle of 100 square miles of wilderness, two hours from Salt Lake, and is surrounded by trees, streams and fishing ponds. Amenities 11 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, and 3 great rooms and many other accouterments. This hunt is a great option for corporate groups.

If the lodge option isn’t for you, we also have some rustic cabin accommodations in town as an alternative.

Although not as plush as the lodge hunt, the town hunts are still very comfortable with modern conveniences.  Accommodations offer a warm atmosphere, queen beds, hot showers, restrooms, cable television and high speed internet.

Hunting style is similar to that of the high-country pack-in camp, but aren’t quite as physical as our backcountry hunts are. You’ll use horses (or snowmobiles on the mountain lion and cow elk hunts) to access hunting areas, and return to the town at the end of the hunting day.

We we do also have a few cow hunts in the late season.

On these hunts, you’ll stay in town and use snow machines to access the hunting area. Cow hunts this time of year usually aren’t all that difficult, but may require some climbing in deep snow so be in shape. These are usually three day hunts.

If this hunt sounds great to you, contact us for pricing and availability.

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3 reviews for Wyoming Hunting Lodge

  1. Tom Palmer

    We went from a silent morning on the mountain to an eruption of elk activity in seconds…..this is truly addictive….ready for next years adventure!

  2. Brad Kincaid

    Very pleased with the outfitter and guide. Landon was very knowledgeable about elk hunting and knew the area like the back of his hand.

  3. Paul Shellgren

    I was very impressed with the number of mule deer we were seeing.

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