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  • Archery elk hunting in Idaho takes place during the month of September.
  • Guaranteed tags (when applied for by application deadlines)
  • A few DIY drop camps for archery elk are also available.
  • 200-280 inch 5×5’s and 6×6’s, with the occasional 300+ inch bull can be expected.
  • Comfortable wall tent camps
  • All hunts are 7 days. 5 full hunt days with 2 days for pack in/out.
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If you want a traditional, run and gun style archery elk hunt, it doesn’t get much better than archery elk hunting in Idaho. Unpressured bulls, over-the-counter tags, lots of backcountry and wilderness, and a good number of mature bulls…Idaho’s where it’s at, but be in shape. Idaho has (justifiably) earned a reputation for being steep and rugged, these hunts should be taken seriously as any mountain hunt, and can be physically difficult.

Run-and-Gun Style Bowhunting is Fun!

Usually you will be hunting the “run and gun” style ,where you’ll be covering country and calling to bulls. Sometimes, if you’re in more open country, ambush hunting works well. Also, because of pre-scouting, outfitters can sometimes set you up over wallows in a treestand, if conditions merit that.

Access into the hunting area is most often by horseback, but some hunts are from ATV’s.

A typical hunt day starts around 4 am with breakfast, while guides catch and saddle horses. With a short 45 min to 1 hour horse ride, you’ll arrive where you’ll be hunting for the day just before daylight. At that point you’ll  start covering country on foot, putting out some bugles to locate a bull to set up on. You’ll typically utilize horses as much as possible, but will have some hiking to do along the way.

Our clients who have gone archery elk hunting in Idaho with this outfitter have had great success. Contact us if you’re interested.

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  1. Jim Toth

    What an amazing elk hunting experience! CHECK MARKS ACROSS THE BOARD!

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