• Hunt some of the largest Rosies in the world. The trophy quality on this hunt is unmatched.
  • Success and opportunity rates are almost 100%.
  • Combo with blacktail deer or black bear to make it even more exciting.
  • Stay in a comfortable float house with hot showers.

Outfitters personal best bull scores an astounding 419 inches, SCI.

  • 2011 Best Bull: 405″ SCI
  • 2010 Best Bull: 385″ SCI
  • 2009: New World Record Muzzleloader Roosevelt Elk harvested scoring 372″ SCI.
  • 2008 Best Bull: 389″ SCI
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If you are looking for the best Roosevelt elk hunting, British Columbia might just be it. This outfitter is well known for taking some of the largest Roosevelt elk in the world. He produced the new world record muzzleloader Roosevelt bull. The highest scoring bull from the previous season went 389 SCI. And the next year, they took a bull scoring 395 SCI. At this time, this elk hunting outfitters largest recorded bull scores an incredible 416 inches!

Your accommodations for the hunt are unique float houses overlooking British Columbia’s beautiful mountains and waterways.

If you tag out early or just to combo up, blacktail deer or coastal black bear hunting in the tidal flats is available for an additional trophy fee. Or you can sit back and enjoy some trout and red snapper fishing from the comfort of your float house before dining on fresh Dungeness crab while you take in the beautiful scenery with a glass of wine or a cocktail.

If you are looking to harvest a flat-out giant bull, Roosevelt elk hunting British Columbia may be for you. Contact us today for more details.

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