Giraffe Hunts

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Giraffe Hunting

The nine subspecies of Giraffe are distributed in separate regions of West, East and Southern Africa. Although widely distributed, giraffe are classified as specially protected in many countries where they may not be hunted at all. Giraffe can only be legally hunted in Namibia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. In Southern Zimbabwe and South Africa you will be hunting the South African subspecies of Giraffe and in Northern Namibia you can hunt the Angolan Giraffe. Both these species have very similar markings.

In Zimbabwe you will be required to book a minimum of a five day safari to hunt a giraffe, plus the trophy fee. Giraffe are very common in much of South Africa and in many cases you can add a giraffe to your safari hunting package hunt. Namibia is about the same as South Africa, however in many instances the trophy fee will be less.

Giraffe Hunting Season

Giraffe hunting season is year round in Zimbabwe and South Africa. In Namibia, the hunting season opens the first of February and closes in the end of November each year. The best time to hunt giraffe is in the coldest months of the year, June to August. The reason being that these animal skins spoil very easily and being such a big cumbersome animal they take time to skin.

Hunting Methods

Giraffes possess exceptional visual acuity and a substantial height advantage, rendering them quite elusive when it comes to hunting, unless they are accustomed to the presence of vehicles and humans on foot. In cases where Giraffes are habituated to such encounters, the challenge of hunting them diminishes. Typically, the hunting process involves spotting the Giraffes from a vehicle and subsequently pursuing them on foot, utilizing any available cover to remain discreet. Tracking these majestic creatures is relatively straightforward due to the distinct characteristics of their hooves and their considerable weight, particularly in sandy terrains. It is crucial to exercise careful judgment when selecting a target for a shot, as Giraffes possess resilient hides and robust skeletal structures that can impede bullet penetration. Additionally, it is advantageous to anticipate the likely trajectory of the falling Giraffe to facilitate the retrieval of the downed animal.

Why would someone go giraffe hunting?

Referred to as "Indlulamithi" in the Zulu language, signifying their towering presence above the tree canopy, mature male Giraffes are often distinguished by their darker hue, adorned with rugged protuberances and blemishes on their skulls resulting from intense combat, and emanating a pungent, repulsive aroma.

Full taxidermy mounts of these specimens are infrequently pursued, except in cases where they are intended for museum displays. However, if one possesses ample space in their trophy room, a shoulder pedestal mount of a Giraffe can be an exquisite addition. Should your aim be acquiring the skin, it is advisable to target younger bulls rather than these aged odorous giants, as the hide is more likely to be in superior condition. The leg bones offer opportunities for engraving and serve as remarkable materials for crafting knife handles. Furthermore, the skinned legs can be repurposed as striking lamp stands.

The global perspective and mounting pressure on African governments are urging the cessation of Giraffe hunting. Nevertheless, certain regions in South Africa contend with surplus Giraffe populations, necessitating hunts for the provision of staff sustenance or for commercial distribution to local butcher shops. Therefore, for those who harbor an interest in this pursuit, fortuitous encounters yielding advantageous deals may await.

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