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Bezoar Ibex Hunting in Turkey

  • This is a true mountain hunt at around 5,000-8,000 feet.
  • Average trophy quality is 39-51 inches, with the potential for 57 inch billies.
  • Bezoar Ibex season in Turkey is August through December, and January through March.
  • The rut is mid-November to December, but early spring is also a good time to hunt.
  • We suggest a minimum of five hunting days.
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Bezoar ibex hunting in Turkey only takes place in the mountains of Asia Minor. Considered the prettiest of the ibex species, they have the longest horns relative to size, making them popular with hunters. Due to its high-altitude habitats and a tendency to thrive in rocky, inaccessible areas, Bezoar ibex hunting in Turkey can be a challenging spot-and-stalk mountain hunt.

Customized Trophy Bezoar Ibex Hunting in Turkey

This ibex hunt is fully customized. Your trophy quality expectations,other species you would like to hunt, and tourism activities will determine where you will be hunting. This Outfitter operates in three main ibex hunting areas: The Eastern Taurus; Western Taurus; and North Eastern hunting areas.

Wild boar are a great combo for your Bezoar ibex hunt. All other animals are in different regions and are not a good combo without some extensive pre-planning. If you wish to add other species to your hunt, there are options for gazelle, chamois, red stag, wild boar, roe buck and/or Konye sheep. *They also offer some affordable hunts for hybrid Bezoar ibex.

Optional Istanbul tourism add-ons to your ibex hunt:

This outfitter offers an optional Istanbul Tourism package. You will stay in a 5 Star Hotel, have a private driver, translator and tour guide. Options include tours of Istanbul; Antalya; Cappadocia; and the Aegean Coasts.




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5 reviews for Bezoar Ibex Hunting in Turkey

  1. Mark Chapman

    This was a hunt for one of the most beautiful, majestic animals I have ever hunted. In a country full of beautiful landscapes and friendly people. I feel that this Outfitter does their best to find you the best Trophy and to do whatever they can for you to accomplish that.

  2. Jason Kinyon

    This was a very exotic hunt. The guides were excellent. They knew where to find the game and how to put together a hunt. The food was superb. Overall, I would highly recommend this hunt.

  3. Joey Arender

    This trip to Turkey has been the most amazing hunt I’ve been on.

  4. Joseph Russo

    The hunt was both mentally and physically challenging but quite rewarding.
    This was my second hunt that I’ve booked with Outdoors International, and it was an excellent experience also.

  5. Brian Greenshaw

    I had an amazing ibex hunt in Turkey.

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