Taurus Mountains

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Taurus Mountains

The Taurus Mountains, known as Toros in the Turkish vernacular, stand as a majestic range in the Mediterranean expanse of Turkey. Spanning a considerable distance of approximately 560 kilometers (348 miles), these majestic peaks align themselves parallel to the captivating coastline, effectively delineating the southern boundary of the renowned Anatolian plateau. Originating at the westernmost segment of the illustrious Great Himalayas, this formidable chain of undulating terrain constitutes Turkey's second most prominent cluster of folded mountains, following the esteemed Pontus mountain range. Commencing its ascent from the ethereal Egridir Lake in the western quadrant, this awe-inspiring geological marvel gracefully extends eastward, tracing a majestic arc until it reaches the elevated reaches bordering the magnificent Euphrates (Firat) River. In an intriguing twist of fate, its northeastern extension near the bustling metropolis of Adana is aptly referred to as the Anti-Taurus, symbolizing its contrasting character and distinctiveness.

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