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  • GUARANTEED SHOOTING OPPORTUNITY.  You’ll continue hunting until you get your ram.
  • Safe, legal, free range hunts on private ranches.
  • Three to six guides per hunter! All of our hunts are guided by only the best American and Mexican guides. 
  • All of our rams get CITES permits and are importable into the U.S.
  • Great lodging and incredible food.
  • Sheep hunting season in Mexico is December thru March, but best time to hunt is January.
  • Coues deer or mule deer can be taken at an additional trophy fee.
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If you’re needing a Desert ram bighorn sheep hunt, look no further than our Mexico Desert sheep hunt. We work with outfitters who have several prime ranches leased in Sonora, Mexico. These combined ranches total hundreds of thousands of acres of perfect desert sheep habitat.

NO DRAW REQUIRED and our outfitter offers a GUARANTEED SHOOTING OPPORTUNITY! If you don’t get an opportunity at a ram, you can come back.

For pricing or more information about our Mexico Desert Sheep Hunt, contact us today.

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1 review for Mexico Desert Sheep Hunt

  1. AJ Kissel

    It was so awesome to his stalk within 39 yards and and actually get a shot at my giant ram. He went 25 yards and expired. Amazing hunt!

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