Desert Sheep Hunting Mexico

If you’re looking to fishing your Sheep Slam, you’re probably starting to consider desert bighorn sheep hunting Mexico.

We work with outfitters who have several prime ranches leased in Sonora, Mexico that have free range sheep and great genetics. There is even a high fence option. Our outfitters in Mexico has access to hundreds of thousands of acres of private ground in Sonora. Some of these ranches have mountain ranges on them that are perfect desert sheep habitat.

We do also offer a few very limited Tiburon Island hunts for Desert Bighorn Sheep and Sheldoni Mule Deer. Tiburon Island is the largest island in Mexico and a famous sheep hunting destination!When you’re ready to start looking at options, let us know.

  • The easiest place to hunt a desert ram is one of our Desert bighorn sheep hunts in Mexico.
  • Safe, legal hunts on private ranches.
  • Hunt until you get your ram.
  • Three to six guides per hunter! All of our hunts are guided by only the best American and Mexican guides. 
  • All of our rams get CITES permits and are importable into the U.S.
  • Great lodging and incredible food.
  • Sheep hunting Season is December thru March, but best time to hunt is January.
  • Coues deer or mule deer can be taken at an additional trophy fee.

Outdoors International can help you finish your grand slam

Guaranteed Sheep Tags

We get very limited tags for our ranches and you can expect to take a ram that goes 155″-170″+. These free-range, fair chase hunts run 100% success.

Easy(ish) Hunting

While the mountain ranges in Sonora, Mexico look rough, they are low in elevation. Most likely you will be glassing from roads down on the flats, or hiking up to vantage points that offer good glassing. Compared to sheep hunting anywhere else in the world, Desert sheep hunting Mexico is a cushy. It’s not nearly as strenuous.

Desert rams, especially free range ones are difficult to spot. Once a good, mature ram is spotted, get ready to do some hiking in some rough country to get into range.

Giant Rams!

Our free-range Tiburon Island Desert Bighorn Sheep hunts produce larger rams on average. You should expect to see rams in the 175-190″ B&C range. These hunts have also run 100% success over the years. We think these are the best desert sheep hunts in the world.

Bighorn Sheep Mexico Hunting Dates

The Sonora, Mexico Sheep hunting Season is December thru March, but best time to hunt is January. That said, hunting is good the rest of the season as well, you just might have to hunt a little harder. The best dates go quickly, so contact us to get your dates secured.

Make sure you’re getting what you paid for.

There are more high fence hunts in Mexico than free range hunts in Sonora. If you’re only interested in hunting free range Desert bighorn hunting Mexico is full of outfitters looking to pull the wool over your eyes. Our outfitters have been thoroughly vetted, and are honest.

That said, you do have the option of killing your ram on high fenced properties. Our outfitter has access to a few high fenced ranges that are 1,000 up to 5000 acres. These rams range from 170 up to 190 and the price will depend on the size of the trophy. You’ll stay in ranch houses with very good accommodations.

You’ll enjoy the Mexican culture.

The friendly people along with the great hunting in Sonora makes for a fun experience. We’re pretty certain you’ll want to come back again. Along with Desert bighorns, our outfitters offer exceptional hunting for other species including mule deer, coues deer, Carmen whitetail, free range bison, aoudad, and assorted exotics. Let’s start planning your hunt today!

Hunting Opportunities in Mexico offered by Outdoors International

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