This is a great Alaska mountain goat hunt in Unit 6. Hunters that go on our Prince William Sound mountain goat hunts produce trophy billies every year! It’s typically a 7-day hunt, but combo hunts are 10 days. This is one of our best mountain goat hunts.

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This is an amazing Alaska mountain goat hunt in the Prince William Sound area out of Cordova. Unit 6 has great goat hunting and some absolutely breathtaking scenery! One cool thing about this hunt is your base camp will be down in the river bottom. From camp you’ll be glassing for pre-scouted goats.

Once a good billy is spotted, you and your guide will head up the mountain to make a stalk. Best case scenario, you’ll only have to make the climb once. More often than not, our hunters get it done on the first stalk. It’s typical to only spend one night up on the mountain in a spike camp.

The outfitter likes to guide bowhunters, and both our archery and rifle hunters have had great success.

Your guide will be someone who is well prepared to help you to harvest your prized trophy. He has spent countless hours in the Alaskan bush, guiding all sorts of hunters from around the world. Even though this hunt has the potential to be physically difficult, the outfitter works hard to accommodate his hunters.

Sometimes this Alaska mountain goat hunt can be “easy”… for a mountain hunt anyway. You should be prepared to hunt hard, and some suffering is to be expected. In some areas you can be flown to elevation, but don’t expect it. What you can expect is to do lots of hiking with a backpack, after all this is a very remote.

Over the years, this Alaska mountain goat  hunt has had a near 100% opportunity rate! YOU WILL SEE GOATS.

  • Unit 6 is an over-the-counter mountain goat tag, and you can register online.
  • Unit 6 traditionally has great trophy quality. In this unit, you can expect mature billies measuring 8 1/2″ or larger. The average Prince William Sound mountain goat taken is from 9 to 9 1/2″.
  • You’ll be based in a tent down in the river bottoms, and the plan is to only spend one night up on the mountain in a spike camp.
  • Expect to have traditional camp food for most of your meals. Dehydrated food is possible here and there, depending on circumstances.
  • Combo Your Alaska mountain goat hunt with black bear, moose, or brown bear!

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