A fair chase, spot and stalk hunt for the Alaskan grizzly is typically high on most hunters “bucket lists.” This is probably the best Alaska grizzly bear hunt we know of. For past 20+ years our hunters have consistently qualified for SCI record book and many for Boone and Crockett records. The all time #1 SCI grizzly was taken on this hunt!

  • This is a great hunt for trophy grizzlies.
  • The fall hunt takes place in September and October.
  • The spring hunt is April and May and a second bear can be taken on a trophy fee.
  • Success rate over the years stands at about 90%.
  • Our hunters on this hunt have consistently taken grizzlies with hides that will square 8′ with skulls between 23″ and 26″.
  • In the fall, this hunt can be a combo hunt with trophy moose, caribou, and or black bear. These species can be added to your grizzly hunt for additional trophy fees. We highly recommend having the extra tags in your pocket.
alaska grizzly bear hunt
Alaska Grizzly Bear Hunt