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Afognak Island brown bear hunting out of a hunting lodge is one of our most popular hunts. It produces big boars for our hunters year after year. Space is limited so book early.

  • This is a lodge hunt.
  • You’ll be hunting North Afognak Island, near Kodiak Island.
  • Hunt from a comfortable cabin-cruiser, watching the shoreline for a giant boar.
  • Our hunters have had a 90% success rate on this Alaska bear hunt on Afognak Island.
  • Archery hunters also enjoy high success on this hunt.
  • Add a Sitka blacktail to your bear hunt.
  • Spring and Fall dates are available.
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There aren’t many reasons to visit this place and even fewer motivations for someone to take up residence on the island. Afognak Island is a small land mass about 20 miles long and 40 miles wide off the coast of Alaska in the Kodiak Archipelago.

There are fewer than 100 permanent residents, most of whom work at a state-run salmon hatchery. There are no bars or shopping malls on Afognak, but there is a large population of Kodiak brown bears and a few healthy herds of Roosevelt elk. That’s what makes Afognak Island brown bear hunting so incredible.

If you you don’t like the idea of hiking to a high spot and glassing all day for bears, don’t worry.

Julian Salutegui
Julian Salutregui with his giant 9′ 10″ brown bear he took on Afognak Island with a recurve.

You’ll be cruising the shores with a boat. Their warm, comfortable cabin-cruisers are an amazing way to explore the shores of Afognak Island in search of a giant boar. You’ll spot tons of wildlife and even assorted marine-mammals.

Cabin Accommodations

While you’re on Afognak Island brown bear hunting with this outfitter, you’ll be comfortable.

  • There are three rustic, hand-hewn log guest-cabins that are fully furnished.
  • Each cushy guest-cabin has an ample living-room, 2 bedrooms (each with a queen & twin-size bed), a modern bathroom with hot running water and constant electricity.
  • Reliable satellite TV, phone, FAX, and wireless-Internet services are also available for guest use.
  • Also, a sauna is a welcome option at days end. Your hosts did all the construction from scratch.
  • A rifle-range is available for sighting-in your rifle.
  • Hearty Meals are served family-style in the main lodge. Lunches are eaten either aboard the cabin-cruisers or custom-prepared for your backpack.

Hunt from Cabin Cruisers

Fast, comfortable cabin-cruisers, with accompanying smaller boats, are perfect for Afognak Island brown bear hunting. You’ll appreciate them, we guarantee it.

Interested in booking a hunt?

If this trip sounds great to you, contact us for pricing and availability.

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  1. Carlos Garcia

    The bears are very nice. After field judging quite a few, we killed two nice boars. A 9 foot, 3 incher and a 8 foot, maybe 7 incher.

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