Roosevelt Elk Hunting

Roosevelt Elk

Roosevelt elk inhabit the rainforest located in northwestern North America, from British Columbia, into Washington, Oregon and Northern California. They also exist on Alaska’s Afognak and Raspberry islands, where bulls have been recorded weighing in excess of 1,300 pounds.

They’re the largest-­bodied elk subspecies in North America.

Bulls can live into their teens and tip the scales to over 1,200 pounds, and mature bulls average almost 900 pounds on the hoof. They commonly run at least 200 pounds larger than a Rocky Mountain bull. Roosies, as the locals know them (pronounced like “rosey”, are darker-colored than their smaller-bodied and more abundant cousin, the Rocky Mountain elk. The antlers of mature Roosies are also darker, more massive and compact, than those of Rocky Mountain bulls.

Roosevelt elk are named after President Theodore Roosevelt.

President Roosevelt is believed to have established the Olympic National Park specifically for the preservation of the species. Thus the alternative name of the subspecies: Olympus Elk.

Roosevelt Elk Hunting

Since they live in such THICK rain forest habitat and don’t typically bugle much, Roosevelt elk hunting isn’t easy. Despite the difficulty of hunting them, our hunters have had great success on solid bulls! In 2009, our outfitter took the New World Record muzzleloader Roosevelt elk. Scoring 372″ SCI.

  • Roosevelt elk are the largest of the North America subspecies of elk in terms of body size (although not antler size).
  • These animals are found in northern California and Oregon, but the best opportunities for Roosevelt elk hunting are perhaps found in Washington and British Columbia.
  • You need a Roosie to qualify for your North America 29.
  • Over-­the-counter tags and a lot of public-land access exists in Roosevelt elk country. But just because a tag is easy to get, don’t be fooled into thinking it’s simple to fill.
  • Roosevelt elk hunting is a different type of elk hunt. They prefer dense cover and don’t bugle as much as “normal” elk. Roosie bulls are notorious for coming in slow and silent to hunters who are calling them.
  • Archery hunters have the best chance of encountering a Roosevelt bull, as the September season runs through the peak of the rut.
  • If you are looking to harvest a flat-out giant Roosevelt elk, we have the hunt for you!
  • On most hunts, a Columbia blacktail deer can be added on a trophy fee basis.

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