Brown bears can be found in the most remote parts of North America, Eastern Europe, Asia and Russia. Four different subspecies occur in Russia alone: Amur Brown Bear; Siberian Brown Bear; Kamchatka Brown Bear; and the Eurasian brown bear. This comes as a surprise to some people, and most assume that Alaska is the only place to find good brown bear hunting, but there is good hunting in Europe as well for the Eurasian brown bear.

Spring Brown Bear Hunts

As winter looses its grip and snow melts, bears will emerge from their dens. Glassing mountainsides you will see brown bears, moose, caribou, wolves and wolverine. Brown bears will move off the mountains to the lower elevations looking for food and females.

Fall Brown Bear Hunts

Hunting is primarily done in the low areas along the streams and rivers, that are full of returning sockeye and silver salmon. Bears will be feeding on salmon to put on the necessary weight needed to go into hibernation. Hunters will be intercepting bear moving to and from their feeding grounds.

We work with exceptional outfitters offering bear hunts in Alaska and Europe.

No matter where, or when you hunt them, you’ll know when you see a truly big brown bear!