Coues Deer

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Coues Deer Hunting

Hunters that have taken all the species in the “deer slam” usually consider Coues deer hunting one of most rewarding. They're tiny, hard to see, high-strung, and jumpy… tough to hunt to say the least. In fact, famous big game hunter Jack O’Connor even proclaimed the tiny deer to be “the most difficult of all deer to hunt”.

Just like most mule deer hunts, expect to do a lot of glassing. You’ll set up with good binos on a tripod and start picking the country apart. Once a good one is spotted, let the stalk begin.

Hunt Coues Deer in Mexico or Arizona.

Coues deer hunting in Mexico is truly astounding, and you should hunt there if at all possible. However, Coues deer hunting in Arizona can be VERY good as well, if you hunt in the right unit with a good outfitter. We can hook you up.

  • On our hunts, you can expect to see 80-90 inch class bucks, but deer above 100″ are taken by Outdoors International hunters every year.
  • Hunting season in Arizona is August through the end of the year depending on the tag you draw and/or weapon you use.
  • In Mexico, we have special October archery hunts and rut rifle hunts in December through January.
  • Success is usually high no matter which weapon or season you choose.

If you're interested in Coues Deer hunting, we'll help you book your hunt with a vetted outfitter who has a proven track record on trophy bucks.

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