I have hunted and fished in Mexico for many years now, and I can say that nothing compares to the experience you enjoy at this hunting lodge.

Mexico Bird Hunting and Fishing Report

HUNTER: Dale Roden
HUNT: Mexico Dove Hunting Lodge

I have hunted and fished in Mexico for many years now, and I can say that nothing compares to the experience you enjoy at this hunting lodge. They have spared no expense in making the accommodations the absolute best it can be. Custom built furniture, comfortable beds and huge walk-in showers are just a few of the items that make it so great. I went for the famous dove hunting, but this place offers so much more.

The dove hunting is like a video game!

There are literally millions of White wing doves in the areas surrounding the lodge. The dove shooting starts as soon as you get out of the truck and doesn’t stop till Jose says it is time to go.  I really love the fact that I don’t have to hassle with taking my shotgun with me. They have plenty of Benelli shotguns for you to use in both 20 and 12 gauges. Juan and Simone do an excellent job of scouting and know exactly where the doves are and where to put you on the field to get the most action.

The lake is the ultimate bass haven, with many islands and two rivers, acres of flooded timber and picturesque stump coves, where the big fish like to spend their days.

The bass fishing is great and the guides are even better.

My friends Juan, Simone and Ricky know the lake like the back of their hand.  It is common to catch 50-100 fish per person per day with some 8-10 pounders  mixed in there. I caught a 12 lb 8 oz giant in September.  Different fishing techniques work better at different times of the year, but you can tie on your favorite lure and you are almost guaranteed to catch big bass.

Sunset on Lake Guerrero

Juan is also the duck hunting master.

I have never been a fan of duck hunting because I always thought it was too cold and too much work. That is not the case with these guys. its MEXICO, so a light jacket is about all you need in the mornings. The blinds are up, the decoys are out, you just show up and shoot (a lot). They even have different blind locations for different species. Duck hunting in Mexico is amazing.

ne sportswriter called them, “the wildest, fastest quail he had ever seen.”

Simone is the Bobwhite quail guy.

He has the dogs dialed in and ready to go.  It is not uncommon to get on 8-10 coveys of birds in an outing.  My warning is be selective on your shots. The limit of quail is 10 per person and it can be over with really quick. I just enjoy watching the dogs do their thing while bird hunting.

I have to mention the 2 guys that make all this happen. Jose is the lodge manager and he does an unbelievable job of coordinating all of this. He picks you up at the airport, makes sure you have everything you need while there and then takes you back to the airport at the end of your trip. There is a lot of work that goes into all the hunting and fishing and he truly enjoys what he does.

Last but not least is Luis. This man never sleeps.

He meets you upon arrival with a tray of margaritas, and that glass never gets empty while you are there. He wakes you up in the morning with coffee, and he is the last man standing at night when the last hunter goes to bed. I have known Luis for about 12 years now, and I can say I have never seen him not smiling.

I can’t wait to get back!!!

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Mexico Bird Hunting and Fishing Report

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