Alaska Wilderness Trip Report by Oliver Fischer

Alaska mountain lake

Adventurer: Oliver Fischer
Date: August, 2019
Hunt Taken: Alaska Wilderness Adventure

Words truly can’t describe this adventure, but I will try.

Having traveled to Alaska many times in the past, I was somewhat prepared for the type of experience that awaited me. I was wrong. From start to finish the trip was an incredible experience. I arrived in Bethel, Alaska and there was “weather window”, so rather than stay a night in Bethel we immediately got on a float plane and took off.

After about an hour of flying into the interior of Alaska we landed on a remote Alaskan lake. We set up camp, fished for salmon a bit and just relaxed. I’d been traveling all day, so the evening was very peaceful.

I love the wilderness and I love to explore and this trip in every way didn’t disappoint.

Every day offered something different – new terrain, from the mountains to valleys to the tundra, the scenery was always changing. We had a plan and places we wanted to get to, but there was no real rush. If one day we wanted to hike or explore, on another day or two we paddled on lakes and rivers and fished – the choice was ours.

If I think about this trip, there are so many things that stand out as truly memorable.

We traveled across so much varied terrain, hiked, camped and paddled where and when we wanted, fished at our convenience, came across an ancient native encampment, saw endless wildlife – but what stood out the most – it felt like I had Alaska all to myself – we didn’t see anyone and the wilderness went on forever, yes it was challenging, Alaska is definitely that, but at every level it was worth it.

This trip, was, for me at least not just a trip, for me it was a real adventure, a real experience. I love the wilderness and this trip afforded me the opportunity to connect with the Alaskan wilderness in ways very few people do. It was an experience I will never forgot in a place I can’t wait to get back to.

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