Snowy Mountain Rifles Level One Shooting Course

Level 1 Shooting School Report by Kyle Hanson

STUDENT: Kyle Hanson TRIP TAKEN: Level 1, Fundamentals of Long Range Shooting School May 31 through June 2nd, 2023 Level 1 Shooting School Report by Kyle Hanson I was fortunate to be able to attend the Level 1 shooting Course this June and I am so glad that I did, I will definitely be attending […]

Bert Chandler and his grandson with a beautiful BC black bear.

British Columbia Black Bear Hunt Report by Bert Chandler

HUNTER: Bert Chandler TRIP TAKEN: British Columbia Spring Black Bear CONSULTANT: Russ Meyer June 18-24, 2023 British Columbia Black Bear Hunt Report by Bert Chandler The entire bear hunting experience was a dream fulfilled. The camaraderie of the fellow hunters, the expertise and work ethic of the guide was exceptional! We saw numerous black bears […]

Hunting Antelope in Montana

Big Sky Speedgoats: Hunting Antelope in Montana

Pronghorn antelope are one of the most iconic big game animals in the American West. Hunting North America’s fastest land animal on the wide open prairie is an instant red-line of the fun meter. From a close encounter water hole archery hunt to a high-octane spot-n-stock chase with a rifle, antelope hunting has it all […]

Upland bird hunting in Wyoming.

Bird Hunting in Wyoming: A Guide to the Wild West’s Best Hunting Grounds

Wyoming is a land of endless plains, majestic mountains, and abundant wildlife. It’s no wonder that upland bird hunting is a popular activity in this rugged state. From the iconic sage grouse to the colorful pheasant, Wyoming is home to a variety of birds that make for challenging and rewarding hunts. But with so many […]

Argentina dove hunter

Hunting for Doves: Best Shooting Destinations in the World

For avid wing shooters, hunting for doves and pigeons can be an exhilarating experience. But where are the best destinations to pursue this sport? From Argentina to Africa, we’ve compiled a list of the top 10 dove and pigeon shooting destinations in the world to help you plan your next hunting adventure. Argentina dove hunting […]

Nebraska has some incredible upland bird hunting.

Quail Hunting: Arguably the Most Popular Upland Game Bird

Upland bird hunting, especially for wild quail becomes more limited each season, but can still be incredible if you go in the right place with the right person and some well trained dogs. We suggest going with a good outfitter for a great wingshooting experience. Every fall, countless upland bird hunters set out to pursue […]

Gear List for a Guided Grizzly Bear and Caribou Hunt

Gear List for a Guided Grizzly Bear and Caribou Hunt

Guided Alaskan grizzly bear and caribou hunts are some of the most sought after hunts in Alaska both as a combo and individually. There are important considerations on these hunts due to the weather and terrain that hunters should expect to encounter. Arguably the most important aspect is the gear list for a guided grizzly […]