Bird hunting in Mexico

Mexico Dove Hunt Report by Larry Hoffman

HUNTER: Larry Hoffman
HUNT: Mexico Dove Hunting Lodge


It is a pleasure to be asked to provide a review of my dove hunting trip to Mexico! I enjoyed the facilities and the various hunting opportunities twice last year.  I am coming back at least once this year – if the virus allows! The lodge is world class in both the physical facilities and service provided by the staff, truly 5 star! As you know, I have hunted several lodges in northern Mexico numerous times and several did have very good hunting, but none have the quality accommodations along with the quality dove hunting!

On my first trip, I came with one buddy to exclusively white wing dove hunt.

I can honestly say that the roost shooting was some of the most challenging dove shooting I have ever done. I can shoot well and was humbled by those birds, your roost shooting was nothing like your field shooting, which was also excellent! I loved the roost shoots, one bird while roost shooting flew between my shotgun bead and my eye, it scared the crap out of me.  That was a spectacular wingshooting trip!

My second trip, I came back with a large group to enjoy your duck, morning dove, and quail shooting.

We had another fine trip. We all are coming back! The lake shoot was the finest puddle duck shooting I have ever experienced anywhere in the world. I think we killed more than a dozen different species! The one day of mourning doves was ok, but as with mourning dove they move around and did not show in large numbers that day.  That brings us to the quail – we had spectacular wild bird quail shooting, each of the three times we went! The bird guys know their game.

I will be back my friends!
Sincerely, Larry

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