Upland bird hunting, especially for wild quail becomes more limited each season, but can still be incredible if you go in the right place with the right person and some well trained dogs. We suggest going with a good outfitter for a great wingshooting experience.

Every fall, countless upland bird hunters set out to pursue America’s original game bird. Hunting wild quail, or wild upland birds of any type for that matter, requires knowledge, skill and some toughness. A good bird dog doesn’t hurt either. The entire quail hunting experience, however, begins with good habitat, which is why every bird hunter should be a Quail Forever member.

Quail Hunting Guides and Outfitters

If you’re wanting to go quail hunting, we suggest going with a good outfitter for the best upland hunting experience.

There are six types of quails found in North America.

  • The California Quail and the Mountain Quail have the largest ranges and are found from southern British Columbia through to California and even into Arizona.
  • The Gambel’s Quail is a common quail found throughout California and Arizona.
  • The Montezuma or Mearns Quail can be found in drier habitats of Arizona and into western Texas.
  • The Scaled Quail who has the plainest look finds its habitat from Arizona to Texas.
  • The Northern bobwhite is the most common small game bird across the Eastern United States. They can be found living in grasslands and farms and can be found mainly along the eastern half of the U.S.