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Quail hunting is what Arizona has become famous for in the upland hunting world.

Quail hunting is what Arizona has become famous for in the upland bird hunting world. Many venture to this quail hunting mecca to target primarily scaled, Gambel’s, and Mearns’ quail.

Of the four species, Gambel’s quail is perhaps the most abundant and can be found statewide. Scaled quail (sometimes referred to as blue quail), can be found in eastern parts of the state. The Mearns’ quail has been known to make its habitat in lower parts of southern Arizona. Bird hunting Arizona, especially wild quail hunting becomes more limited each season, but can still be incredible. We suggest going with a good upland bird hunting outfitter for a great experience.

Bird Hunting in Arizona

  • Arizona quail hunting is spectacular, and there are four species available for hunting in the state: Gambel’s, scaled, Mearns’, and California quail (valley quail).
  • Arizona is proud of its dove season and has pushed a lot to the community aspect that dove hunting can create. They also offer opportunities at the band-tailed pigeon for a limited window in October.
  • Blue grouse are a good option for someone looking to add some difficulty to their bird hunting in Arizona.
  • Chukar hunting in Arizona is not as common as other states such as Nevada, yet you can find populations between elevations of 5,000 and 9,000 feet.
  • Pheasants can be hunted in the state, but only in the Yuma Valley region.
  • One can also pursue the overlooked common snipe (Wilson’s snipe) with generous seasons running October through January.
  • Walking up on a pointer locked up on a covey of wild quail is an incredible experience.

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