Bird Hunting Nevada

Chukar hunting in Nevada

From the Greater Sage grouse in the lower elevations to the elusive Himalayan Snow cock found only in Nevada’s Ruby Mountains. Upland bird hunting Nevada is VERY good with some of the most diverse terrain and tons of habitat in the West. A hunter can easily find themselves in varying climates and elevations. Known for exceptional chukar hunting, other upland game bird species include blue and ruffed grouse, chukar and Hungarian partridge, ring-necked pheasant, California, Gambel’s and mountain quail, and North American wild turkey.

Upland Bird Hunting Nevada

  • Nevada has some exceptional chukar hunting.
  • The Hungarian partridge is not as common and found primarily in the northeastern portion of the state.
  • The California Quail is primarily found in the northwestern portion of the state. The season runs concurrently with Chukar season and is a welcome addition to the bag limit.
  • Not a lot of competition, Nevada is often overlooked as a bird hunting destination.
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