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Nevada chukar hunting for wild birds behind well trained pointing dogs!

This hunt offers the beauty of chukar hunting country and professional guides who will do their best to help you harvest some of these elusive birds.


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The conventional wisdom is that chukar country is steep and tough to hunt… but that isn’t the case at all when you’re Nevada chukar hunting with this outfitter. The fact is that this area is very huntable, even for chukars. And there are a lot of birds. In the mornings your guide will take you to areas where you can drive up to the tops of ridges and plateaus and then you hunt the tops. In the late morning and afternoon when the temperature is getting up there you hunt the valleys where there are streams and seeps.

  • You’ll be hunting 100% wild birds.
  • There are plenty of chukar and Hungarian partridge.
  • Hunt behind well trained Brittany’s, Pointers, and English Setters.
  • Moderate difficulty. Some hunters even call this an “easy” chukar hunt.
  • October to early November.

Chukar hunting in Nevada

Hunting upland birds behind a Brittany, English Setter, or Pointer can be truly rewarding endeavor for even the most experienced of hunters.

Nevada’s most iconic upland game bird, the Chukar partridge is found throughout the state. This outfitter is dedicated to locating birds before season so that you can have have an enjoyable hunt. Chukar are often found in rough country, however, your guide will do his best to find more moderate country.

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1 review for Nevada Chukar Hunting

  1. Louis Digiovanni

    I went on another Nevada chukar hunt with a great OUTDOORS INTERNATIONAL outfitter this October outside of Elko, NV and I have to tell you, he really knows his business. I can’t say enough good about them. The entire operation is consistently excellent and you should never have any worries attaching your name to them. I know I don’t with mine. I highly recommend this hunt.

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