Bird Hunting in Missouri

ne sportswriter called them, “the wildest, fastest quail he had ever seen.”

There is plenty of bird hunting in Missouri to be found including multiple species of upland birds, and waterfowl.

Upland Bird Hunting in Missouri

With tons of farmland, river bottoms and tall grass prairies, Missouri has some good upland bird hunting. It’s common knowledge that Bobwhite quail have been struggling in most areas, but quail hunting remains strong in Missouri. Pheasant hunting can be good in northern Missouri, and woodcock and dove hunting can be really good as well.

You may train your dog for bird hunting in Missouri on conservation areas that allow for dog training. The dog training permit costs $20. Any pheasant, exotic partridge, or quail used must be legally obtained and captive-reared.

Waterfowl Hunting in Missouri

The Mississippi flyway is estimated to have as much as 40 percent of ALL waterfowl during migration season. Tens of thousands of birds pass through Missouri every year. Add to that the fact that Missouri recently surpassed Texas as the fifth largest producer org rice, and you have a recipe for some incredible duck and goose hunting!

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