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High Volume Wingshooting

High volume wingshooting is a breathtakingly stimulating and arduous activity that requires diligent practice, unwavering [...]

Bird Hunting in Wyoming: A Guide to the Wild West’s Best Hunting Grounds

Wyoming is a land of endless plains, majestic mountains, and abundant wildlife. It’s no wonder [...]

Scotland Hunt Report by Raymond Sarinelli

HUNTER: Raymond Sarinelli TRIP TAKEN: Scotland Red Stag, Roe deer, Pheasant and Duck Hunt CONSULTANT: [...]

Bird Hunting in Kansas: A Complete Guide for Hunting Enthusiasts

Whether you’re a bird hunter or like to hunt big game, Kansas offers some of [...]

Bird Hunting in Missouri: A Comprehensive Guide

Best known for whitetail deer and wild turkey hunting, there is plenty of other hunting [...]

Pheasant Hunting: A Comprehensive Guide

It's tough to beat a good pheasant hunt. The dogs, the friendships, the birds, the [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Upland Bird Hunting in Nebraska

With long seasons, good access, and diverse mixed bag opportunities, Nebraska is a upland bird [...]

Driven Hunts: Where to hunt driven game.

Driven hunts are most common in Poland, Hungary and Romania, however Croatia, Turkey and Spain offer some great hunts as well. [...]

Upland Bird Hunting in Texas: A Wingshooting Adventure in the Lone Star State

With the exception of dove hunting, Texas bird hunting is an often overlooked wingshooting destination.  [...]

Arizona Quail Hunting

Wild Mearns, Scaled, and Gambels quail hunting on private ground in Arizona behind well trained [...]