Archery Oregon Elk Hunting Report

Hunt Report

Oregon Elk Hunt

Our hunter John and his father were hunting with one of our elk hunting Outfitters in Oregon.

This Oregon elk hunting outfitter hunts in the best units in Eastern Oregon, primarily on private ranches in the Heppner, Sumpter, Beulah and Ochoco units. This is a good hunt for a bull in the 300’s with top end bulls around 340″. He offers both archery and rifle hunts, and most of our hunters at least have a realistic opportunity at a bull. This is a classic spot and stalk elk hunt, but during archery hunting season he does some hunting out of blinds over water holes.

Here’s what the Outfitter said about the hunt:

Hey guys,
I thought I would pass along a couple photos from our archery Oregon elk hunt with your clients last week. Young John did get a decent bull and older John did get a shot at a “spike” on the last day of the hunt at 18 yards. One of the pictures I am sending is of that “spike” from the trail camera just before he shot. 5×5 in reality, but the sun was low and he couldn’t tell. We have some pretty good stories to tell after this week.

It’s exciting this time of year when both our elk hunting clients and outfitters are sending us their field photos and stories. Keep ’em coming guys! It’s fun to see your success.

2 thoughts on “Archery Oregon Elk Hunting Report

  1. Cory Glauner says:

    Congratulations John. Can't wait to hear the story!

  2. Marc says:

    Cool part about this spot is they have really consistent water source hunts. Make a archery kill possible for people who can’t walk big country.

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