Blown Opportunities

Cory with his first bear

Even though there isn’t an awesome kill scene at the end, you should watch this Idaho spot and stalk bear hunting video. It just might make you feel better the next time you miss. It happens to all of us eventually. In fact, it’s happened to me more times than I care to admit.

Last weekend while archery elk hunting I spotted this color phase black bear and even though I wasn’t technically on a bear hunt, I couldn’t resist a chance to mix it up with a little spot and stalk bear hunting… well, actually I just ambushed him… to within 15 yards, and then I went and missed…. shot right under him. It was pathetic. I am ashamed. I do have an excuse though (I know, I know, doesn’t everybody). The bottom limb of my bow hit a rock when I shot which caused me to shoot low… D’oh!

Watch the Video

I just about redeemed myself though because the bear went up into some rocks and stopped. This time I actually did make a great stalk (if I must say so myself) to within five yards… but when I drew back my bow I could only see his head. That wasn’t going to work, then the wind swirled and… you know what happened next… back to archery elk hunting (which ain’t that bad). That’s what makes bowhunting so much fun.

If you are new to bowhunting or even if you’re an old pro, and want a good, fun hunting experience, you should give spot and stalk black bear hunting a try. It’s a ton of fun.

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